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Terms & Conditions 


The Terms and Conditions presented below are required for the responsible and successful development of AllTime Players Series. 

Each Serie / Digital Event has a duration of two days, for approximately two (2) hours each day. 


ALL ACCESS $250.00 

Only 30 tickets per Serie. Includes:

  • NFL & Sport Agent Talk - Q&A 

  • *Virtual Meet & Greet with NFL Player / Professional Athlete*

  • Workout Session with Pro NFL Player

  • Workout with Pro Coach

  • AllTime Players T-SHIRT - Courier cost not included

  • Experience Personalized Video


GUESTS $150.00 

Only 20 tickets per Serie. Includes:

  • NFL & Sport Agent Talk - Q&A 

  • Workout Session with NFL Player

  • Workout with Pro Coach

  • AllTime Players T-SHIRT - Courier cost not included

  • Serie Personalized Video    

The Series / Digital Event will be presented in the native language of the Athlete. Season 1 will be in English. 

There will be support in the translation of some terms by the host, but there will be no simultaneous translation. 

This Registration is valid for one (1) participant for (1) a Series / Digital Event. 

This registration is not transferable or refundable. 

A single (1) participant in the Series / Digital Event must appear on the screen of the device used, if there are more participants who have not acquired their ticket for the Series / Digital Event, the participant will be excluded from the Serie. 

If the participant is a minor, they must have the presence or be authorized by an adult, adding the adult’s name on the Series / Digital Event Registration Form. 

Keep your integrity in mind. Do the right thing. 

Respect and Courtesy. Prohibited any inappropriate, disrespectful, vulgar behavior, expression or vocabulary in the Series / Digital Event, will be immediately expelled from the session. 

Wear appropriate sports clothing for the Series / Digital Event. 

Listen and follow the instructions on the routines provided by the Series / Digital Event’s athletes, coaches and support team. 

Be careful when making movements during the workout. 

Keep physical capacity in mind during movements and workout. 

AllTime Players Series is not responsible for body injuries. 

The shipping cost of AllTime Players Series T-shirt is not included in the price of the event ticket. To receive it, the participant will decide whether or not they want to pay for the shipping costs and receive it. 

Keep safe the information provided for your Series / Digital Event sign in. 

Be on time and organize your time before the Series / Digital Event. Once the Series / Digital Event has started, its admission will be subject to consideration. 

Once you complete the registration process and payment of your ticket for the Series / Digital Event, AllTime Players Series’ Customer Service will contact you to provide the sports, technical and general instructions that you must follow in order to obtain an optimal experience and digital functioning at Series / Digital Event.

Collaborate with the order and sequence of the Series / Digital Event. 

GUEST registration does not include Video Call - “Meet & Greet” with the Athlete. 

Each participant who registers for ALL ACCESS will have a Video Call- “Meet &Greet” with the Athlete, this call will have a maximum estimated time between 1 minute and 30 seconds to 2 minutes. 

Athlete, Agent and Series Administrator will be online in the Video Call- “Meet &Greet” the to coordinate the Video Call. 

Organize the question (s) that you can reach in this period of time, between 1 minute and 30 seconds to 2 minutes. 

The question (s) of the participants must be sent no later than 3 days before the event for review and approval. 

Once the Series / Digital Event is finished, a maximum period of 15 to 20 days is estimated to receive the personalized video of the experience via digital. 

The recording and video material acquired on our platforms during the Series / Digital Event may be used by AllTime Players Series to promote future Digital Series / Events. 

Registration information will be safely stored in our database for communication and promotion of future series / events. 

The copying, distribution or alteration of the material presented or supplied from the Series / Digital Event for commercialization or sale is prohibited. 

People who do not comply with these Terms and Conditions will not have the right to complain or claim if they were denied or prohibited from participating in the Series / Digital Event. 

I declare that AllTime Players Series is at my own risk and I agree to abide by these Terms and Conditions.

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